August eBoard Meeting Report


The eBoard met on Saturday, August 07, 2021

Treasurer Paul Theisen reports that we have a cash balance of $68,883.32

Current Membership is 254

Vice Commander Ileene Davis reports that the current audit is still ongoing. The video cabinet has not been obtained as of yet, and we have not yet made arrangements with the FRA for placing the cabinet in the facility.

Nominations are currently being solicited for ALL offices for the base. If you have a nomination please contact Steve Corcoran ASAP to get the process in motion.

COB Wayne Peterson reported that he will be in contact with the FRA to arrange for the video cabinet placement. The Base Picnic will be September 18th and will include the Holland Club Inductions for the year.

Sam Swenson reported that the trailer for the Float rebuild has been purchased at a cost of $4500 (with the seller paying the taxes). The trailer is what we needed and he is very satisfied with it. We are waiting for an invoice/plan for the actual rebuild which will include the prices of materials to be purchased. This should be received by next week.

John Gardner reported that the Dolphin Dash will be held on Saturday, August 28th at Bangor. Please contact John Gardner to arrange to be a volunteer or to get materials to register for the Dolphin Dash. Additional materials will be placed on the Gertrude Check this week. The Dash will be on the Upper Base and consists of a Kids Dash, a 1 Mile, 5K and 10K runs. A donation of cups and T-Shirts was made by the USS Woodrow Wilson group and will be used for the Dash.

IF the Auburn Veterans Day Parade happens, it will be on November 6th. It is possible that the float would be available for this. The annual Veterans Day event at the fairgrounds is schedule to go ahead.

TTF Sales for September will be postponed one week (to Tuesday the 7th) due to the National Convention. There was also a discussion of rotating the sales from TTF to the Off-Crew Administration Building (NNSC) facility. Discussions will be held with the Master-at-Arms to determine if this is feasible.

Because the Float will not be available, the National Conference occurring simultaneously, and the Labor Day Weekend, the eBoard has decided to NOT participate in the Fathoms o’Fun Parade this year.

Base Historian John Clear reports that once the video cabinet is in place, numerous films and videos will be available for viewing. At future meetings, he will be presenting a short “School of the Boat” topic for your edification and enjoyment.

November will be the 40th Anniversary of the Base, ideas are being solicited for a celebration of the Bases history and anniversary.

Newsletter Editor Dave Pittman reminded folks that it is VERY important to keep him the loop of what is going on as soon as possible. Changes to schedules that have been promulgated in the Puget Soundings are unfortunate and can be avoided by keeping Dave in the loop. Please continue to send Dave pictures and articles, particularly in WORD® format as these are easiest to work with.

Base Commander Dave Bowman reported that due to the Labor Day holiday, the September eBoard Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

Member John McKibben went on Eternal Patrol on July 11, 2021. Arrangements are in the works and will be promulgated as soon as fully available.

The Base is in need of a new computer with the appropriate software licenses. Dennis Nardone has agreed to donate a new monitor. The eBoard approved the purchase of a new computer.

The files to update the Base Brochure have been received. This will begin ASAP.

On a personal note, the Commander reports that a series of events of coalesced in his situation. As you may know, the long rumored closing of NH Bremerton’s Labor & Delivery Department now appears to be imminent, although there is no date set as yet. Given the problems of commuting to Madigan, it is a matter of finding another L&D position somewhere most likely in one of three states (Tennessee, Utah or South Dakota) at which time the Bowman’s will be relocating. This could be in the next months or it could be a few years. The closing of the L&D at NHB is the deciding factor. The COB noted that this means that it is HIGHLY likely that a relief for the Commander will be needed. If you are willing to or would like to nominate a replacement for the Commander, the Base elections are rapidly approaching. Again, this is NOT a “done deal,” but it is highly likely to happen. 

The eBoard enjoyed wonderful donuts provided by the Vice Commander, who, along with the COB will NOT be at the August General Meeting on August 21st. The VC has the Duty that day, while the COB reminds all members that they are invited to his wedding at noon that day. We will make every effort to adjourn the General Meeting in a timely manner to allow those Members who wish to do so to attend.

Post meeting, Dave Pittman, Wayne Sieckowski and Dave Bowman enjoyed a great time of telling sea stories and travel stories. Really… that’s what this all about, building those friendships and having a good time. Who knew that Ski needed a haircut so badly that his CO gave him the keys to his car to go and get one?

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