October eBoard Meeting Report

The minutes of the previous eBoard meeting were approved

The Treasurer reports that we have a cash on hand balance of $62, 891.84.

We currently have 251 Members

The COB reports that everything is reserved for the annual Christmas Party. A poll will be taken of the members to decide whether the emal should be an earlier meeting with a brunch or a later meeting with lunch. The cost wil be $10 for an individual of $20 for a family.

The eBoard expressed it’s thanks to the COB for the very successful annual picnic.

The Past Commander reports that the Ivy Green work party completed the installation of the material to prevent the growth of weeds. It looks quite good and we are pleased with the results.

The float continues to progress. It may be ready for the Auburn Veterans Day parade. The Diving alarm has been received from Base Member Bob Hickman. It was tested and found to be SATISFACTORY.

No new nominations for the Base Elections have been received. If you would like to make an nomination, or to nominate yourself, please contact Steve Corcoran (eMAIL HERE) ASAP.

The Social on October 29th will begin at 1500, and will feature pulled pork sandwiches. All members and potential members are invited to drop by and enjoy the celebration.

Newsletter of the Year Editor, Dave Pittman, reminds all members that the deadline for submissions to the Newsletters next edition is 01 November 2021. when submitted photographs, please use the JPG format. 

Chaplain Fred Borgman reports that Base Member William Mulvenna went on Eternal Patrol in Florida on 9/23/2021. His family intends to return his remains to the area at some point in the future.

Base Commander Dave Bowman noted the following items:

  • He is meeting this week with a PR specialist to begin discussions on the PR efforts previously discussed. This will include the discussion of the development of a “recruiting poster” for use in the community.

  • As of today, no nominations for the WD04 Member of the Year have been received. Also, no one has stepped up to man the Awards Committee.

  • Numerous member have eMail addresses which bounce. These names will be published in the next edition of the Puget Soundings to encourage Base Members to check their information. If you are not receiving Base eMails you may check your information on the USSVI Website* or by contacting the National Office.

  • The Western District Roundup was canceled to to COVD-19 concerns.

  • Annual Base and National Dues are now due. All applicable members should have received their letter. Beginning in November the Base will accept Credit/Debit cards for Dues and Ships Store items at the General Meetings.

  • A head count will be needed for the October 29th Social. If you are planning to attend, please let the Base Commander know.

  • The Auburn Veterans Day Parade is currently scheduled for 11am on Saturday, November 6th. The Blueback Base will also attend and bring their float. We hpe to have muster information available in the coming week.

  • The Base Commander shared some of his thoughts on last months discussion vis-à-vis getting Members involved. This will expounded upon in the upcoming newsletter and a focus of the PR specialist.

The Meeting was adjourned at 0950

*It was noted that the USSVI website is experienced numerous technical difficulties. The Bremerton Base has no control over these issues.  It appears that the website works on some browsers (Opera and Firefox), but not on others (Edge, Chrome).

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