Phishing eMail Scam


The eMail scammers are back again. Under no circumstances will any Base Officer ever contact you via eMail to pay any bill or buy anything for or on behalf of the Base.

These eMails are usually identifiable because they contain wrong information, misspellings, and most importantly, they have the wrong eMail address as the return eMail.

This is a good time to remind folks that the Base policy is that all eMails sent to more than a handful of recipients MUST use the BCC feature and not list the eMail addresses. This is how they get the addresses to spam. It is also a good time to review YOUR own eMail security, especially if you use Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail (or any other free eMail service)

Below is a sample of the issues, please note that the eMail address used to reply is NOT the Base Commanders eMail

If you received any of these SCAM eMails, please let me know and then delete it.

Shabbat Shalom

-Dave Bowman, Base Commander

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