Auburn Veterans Day Parade Information


Next Saturday, November 5, 2022 is the annual Veterans Day Parade in Auburn.

We will be marching with the Seattle Base as well as the Portland Base (I believe). Three Bases, three floats. As per tradition, the Bremerton Base will be buying lunch at Gator’s following the parade.

Our Muster area is along K St NE, next to Athens Pizza & Pasta in Auburn. Set up of the float begins at 0930, with the Parade itself stepping off promptly at 1100. We are in position 66 (out of 171), so roughly 1/3rd of the way into the Parade.

We attempted to get a “Party Bus” for this years transportation to and from the parade, however, there were several issues with the availability of the busses, and it was not feasible for this year. we will attempt it again next year.

To that end, a carpool will gather at the Fleet Reserve beginning at 0730 on Saturday 05 November, with a departure time of NLT 0800 from the Fleet. Members who are available to drive and carry other members should let me know so that I can announce that before next Friday.

For those who are driving, I highly recommend using the City Lot(s) next to and near the City Hall and the Hospital in downtown (Corner of Division St and 1st St NW). This means walking to the muster point, but it also means that you are near your vehicles when the parade finishes. There is NO PARKING in the Parade Staging area

This is the final parade of 2022, and I wanted to say a special “Thank You” to John Gardner for his long service as Parade Coordinator. He is stepping down as Parade Coordinator after this event. This has been a  great year of Parades and events, and 2023 promises to be exciting as well.

Please note that the City of Auburn would also like to extend to you the following invitations:

We encourage you to attend the many activities in Auburn during the 57th anniversary of Auburn’s Veterans Parade & Observance, including the American Legion Community Breakfast (7-9:00am), the Remembrance Ceremony (9:45am at Veterans Memorial Park), the VFW Post #1741 Open House (1-5pm) and the Veterans Day Marching Band Competition!

Please be sure to check your eMail, the Gertrudecheck and/or the Facebook Page for any further updates as they are needed.

I look forward to seeing you at the annual Auburn Veterans Day Parade!

Dave Bowman, Base Commander


Map of the Muster Area:

Whaling Days Parade


Just a note to remind folks that this Saturday is the Whaling Days Parade in Silverdale. The muster time is between 0930 and 1000. As we will not be stepping off until appx 10340, you may want to wait inside Kitsap Mall until making your way to the float.

We will be joined by crewmembers of the USS Providence and we are, as usual, one of the only Military/Veteran units in the parade.

I do have concerns about the heat. The prediction is very sunny with around 90 degree heat. Please be sure to have sun screen and head coverage. Also remember to hydrate. We will have water available, but it’s probably not a great day to imbibe too much! at least not until after the parade.

This is the debut of the new float in Silverdale, and it will be a wonderful opportunity to remind folks of who and what we are, and to recruit along the way.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, July 30 for Whaling Days!

-Base Commander

GRAND OLD 4th of JULY Parade


As you know, Monday is the Bainbridge island Grand Old 4th of July Parade. While I realize that many of you have other plans and responsibilities, I would love to see as many as possible at the parade.

Information about parking and transportation is on the Bainbridge website:


Please note that DISABLED PARKING is available at the following locations:

  • In the parking lot of the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church at 105 Winslow Way West (the corner of Winslow Way and Madison). Access the lot from the south, as the north access will be closed for the day due to proximity to the parade route.
  • In the parking lot of John L. Scott at 600 Winslow Way E – this entire lot will be disabled parking only on July 4th.

We will begin the parade from position A-4, which I presume puts us near the beginning of the Parade, although that may not be the case. This appears to me to be near the Library in Winslow, but if you cannot find us, the Parade coordinator IS at the library and can direct you to the Float position.

We will need to be mustered at the float by 1230.

I was asked about a car pool, however, due to some logistical issues, it appears that this is not a doable action. I apologize for that, and I assure you that next year we will do a better job of getting that together.

Lastly I have no information about the post parade gathering that has been held in the past, If we receive information about it, I will pass it along.

If I do not see you, may you have a wonderful celebration of the founding of our nation which we serve, and our unalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Happy Independence Day!

Up the Colonies! Down the British!

-Base Commander