Auburn Veterans Day Parade Information


Next Saturday, November 5, 2022 is the annual Veterans Day Parade in Auburn.

We will be marching with the Seattle Base as well as the Portland Base (I believe). Three Bases, three floats. As per tradition, the Bremerton Base will be buying lunch at Gator’s following the parade.

Our Muster area is along K St NE, next to Athens Pizza & Pasta in Auburn. Set up of the float begins at 0930, with the Parade itself stepping off promptly at 1100. We are in position 66 (out of 171), so roughly 1/3rd of the way into the Parade.

We attempted to get a “Party Bus” for this years transportation to and from the parade, however, there were several issues with the availability of the busses, and it was not feasible for this year. we will attempt it again next year.

To that end, a carpool will gather at the Fleet Reserve beginning at 0730 on Saturday 05 November, with a departure time of NLT 0800 from the Fleet. Members who are available to drive and carry other members should let me know so that I can announce that before next Friday.

For those who are driving, I highly recommend using the City Lot(s) next to and near the City Hall and the Hospital in downtown (Corner of Division St and 1st St NW). This means walking to the muster point, but it also means that you are near your vehicles when the parade finishes. There is NO PARKING in the Parade Staging area

This is the final parade of 2022, and I wanted to say a special “Thank You” to John Gardner for his long service as Parade Coordinator. He is stepping down as Parade Coordinator after this event. This has been a  great year of Parades and events, and 2023 promises to be exciting as well.

Please note that the City of Auburn would also like to extend to you the following invitations:

We encourage you to attend the many activities in Auburn during the 57th anniversary of Auburn’s Veterans Parade & Observance, including the American Legion Community Breakfast (7-9:00am), the Remembrance Ceremony (9:45am at Veterans Memorial Park), the VFW Post #1741 Open House (1-5pm) and the Veterans Day Marching Band Competition!

Please be sure to check your eMail, the Gertrudecheck and/or the Facebook Page for any further updates as they are needed.

I look forward to seeing you at the annual Auburn Veterans Day Parade!

Dave Bowman, Base Commander


Map of the Muster Area:

Bremerton Base – Three Upcoming Events


Some updates on things:

(1) The nominations received (so far) for base offices are as follows:

Base Commander

    Dave Bowman, FTB1(SS), PhD, MCRP, FCS, MTS

Vice Commander

    Ileene Davis   


    Wayne Sieckowski


    Paul Theisen

Chief of the Boat

    Wayne Peterson

Nominations will be taken on the floor at the November General Meeting, prior to the vote (as applicable). Please note that the election will take place at the November General Meeting (11/20)

(2) This Friday evening (10/29) will be the first Base Social at the Fleet Reserve from 1500 – 1800ish. Steve Corcoran has done a great job working with the Fleet to set an exciting menu. Again, this is purely a social event, NOT a “meeting.” Feel free to bring a guest, especially any potential members! I hope to see you there.

(3) The Auburn Veterans Day Parade is a GO. The parade will be held on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 at 11am in Auburn. We will be participating along with the Seattle and Blueback Bases. Unfortunately, our float will not be ready in time, but the Blueback Base is bringing their float.

We were unable to secure a Navy van for transportation, so we will be carpooling from the Fleet Reserve with an planned departure time of NLT 0800 on 11/6. I can carry five in the Subaru, and Paul Theisen has said that he can take five as well in his Escalade.

If you plan to drive yourself, let me know as I have the directions and parking information available (if you need them).

Thank you for your attention to these matters and your involvement in USSVI Bremerton Base!

-Dave Bowman
Base Commander