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China Submarines Used U.K. Warships for Target Practice, State Media Claims

Family of U.S.S. Flier explosion in WWII thrilled about submarine’s discovery

USS Atule (SS 403) sinks Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.6 and damages Coast Defense Vessel No.16 off Hokkaido.
Floating naval mines became Atule’s new targets. During the rest of her patrol, she sighted 29 mines, 23 of which she sank by gunfire, and one which bounced harmlessly down the submarine’s side. Atule patrolled the Chinese and Korean coastlines and traffic lanes until 22 February, when she headed for Saipan where she once again moored alongside Fulton. On 28 February she left Tanapag Harbor bound for Midway Island, where she moored on 7 March.
Atule made 4 patrols and following the war was transferred to the Peruvian navy
Renamed BAP Pacocha (SS-48), the submarine served in the Marina de Guerra Peruana (the Peruvian Navy) until 26 August 1988, when she was rammed and sunk by a Japanese fishing trawler. The loss of Pacocha was instrumental in the beatification of Marija Petkovic, as one of the survivors (a Peruvian Navy lieutenant) said that he had been praying to her before he performed several impossible display of physical strength to save the lives of himself and several of his companions.[12]
Also on this date, USS Torsk (SS 423) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship, Kaiho Maru.
One of only a handful of ” Tench ” class boats to see combat in the war is now a museum sub in Baltimore. And on the list of National Historic Places.