USS Pampinito Stars on “American Built

Monday, December 12th at 6:30 PM, USS Pampanito stars on “American Built,” Fox Business Network’s television show that dives into the ingenuity of iconic American engineering marvels, when it features the Balao class submarine, “the most successful submarine of World War II.” View the history of the Balao class submarine through the compartments of our very own USS Pampanito as the show explores its design and construction, World War II warfare’s failures and successes, and the innovative and unassailable American spirit that helped win the war on the Pacific.

Listen as experts, including members of Pampantio’s staff, describe the challenges and dangers faced by the Silence Service and the daring they employed to succeed.

The show airs Monday night at 6:30 PST on the Fox Business Network.

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