WHITE PAPER – Leveraging Social Media

Creating a successful social media strategy for the United States Submarine Veterans Bremerton Base, considering the older age demographic of the current members, requires a thoughtful and user-friendly approach. Here’s a five-step plan to leverage social media for recruiting new members and retaining current ones:

1. Platform Selection and Training:

– Identify the most suitable social media platforms for the target audience. In this case, platforms like Facebook, which are commonly used by older demographics, may be most effective.
– Organize training sessions or webinars to help current members become familiar with using social media. Ensure they understand the basics of account creation, navigation, and posting.

2. Engaging Content Creation:

– Develop a content calendar that includes a mix of engaging content. Share stories, photos, and videos related to submarine veterans’ experiences and achievements.
– Encourage current members to share their personal stories and memories, fostering a sense of community and nostalgia.
– Post regular updates about upcoming events, meetings, and activities to keep members informed and involved.

3. Interactive Engagement:

– Encourage active participation through interactive posts. Ask questions, run polls, and create discussions to generate conversations among current and potential members.
– Use storytelling to make historical anecdotes relatable and intriguing for younger generations interested in submarine history.
– Respond promptly to comments and messages to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to engagement.

4. Online Membership Drives:

– Launch online membership drives and promotions specifically targeted at social media users.
– Create visually appealing graphics and posts that highlight the benefits of joining the organization, such as camaraderie, support, and access to unique experiences.
– Offer limited-time incentives or discounts for new members who sign up through social media channels.

5. Leverage Facebook Groups:

– Create a private Facebook group exclusively for Bremerton Base members. This closed community can be a space for open discussions, sharing personal stories, and planning events.
– Use the group to organize virtual meetings, webinars, or informative sessions, allowing older members to connect without physical gatherings.
– Promote the group on the main page to encourage new and existing members to join and stay engaged.

Additionally, it’s essential to continuously evaluate and adapt the social media strategy based on performance metrics. Monitor engagement levels, track membership sign-ups, and gather feedback from members to refine the approach and ensure it remains effective in recruiting and retaining members.

By combining user-friendly social media usage with engaging content and a supportive online community, the United States Submarine Veterans Bremerton Base can effectively reach both current and potential members, regardless of age, and continue to thrive as a vital organization for submarine veterans.