Spaghetti Feed Volunteers Needed


As you know next month (September 16th) is the 1st Annual Spaghetti Feed, which will follow the regular September General Meeting.

The schedule for 9/16/23 looks like this:

  • 0830 – eBoard (this may be moved to Zoom prior to the 16th if it is deemed necessary)
  • 1000 – General Meeting (features report on National Convention by the attendees)
  • 1200 – Spaghetti feed Begins
  • 1700 – Clean Up and Secure

At this point, we need to get the Volunteer Watch Bill set:

    Salad Crew

    Bread Crew

    Table Runners

    Kitchen Help – This REQUIRES a food handling Card, which you can get online. It’s easy. Seriously, even Mike Friend got one

    Clean up Crew

Please REPLY to the Base Commander –>HERE<– and let us now where you are willing to help.

If for some reason you cannot attend or help, tickets are $12/plate (take out) and an appropriate donation will be appreciated.

Thank you for your willing help in making this a successful event.

-Dave Bowman, Base Commander

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