Covention Update (Re: COVID-19 Delta)

NEWS-01: Convention Bulletin
Submitted by: Jay d. Mack, 2021 Convention Chairman on 7/28/2021

In recent days, the national news media has been hyping a new strain of Covid-19 across our country.  I am sure this is a concern for everyone.  We in Florida are watching carefully, but not overly concerned.  Our state has been open for several months and we have had no issues.  Currently, Florida has 48.53% of the population or 10,422,399 persons fully vaccinated. We have some of the best Covid statistics in the country.  We have some Covid hospitalizations, however not the numbers the media wants you to believe, and our hospitals are not overrun.  The medical community tells me this stain is not as intense as the original.  Covid is like the flu.  There is always going to be new strains.  People are vaccinated for the flu every year, yet some still get the flu.  Why is Covid any different?

The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel is full service Resort that is fully open and running at very high occupancy rates. There is no need to leave the Host Hotel during our Convention because there are sufficient Restaurants, Bars, Spas & other services available. Masks and social distancing are not required.

Come and enjoy the convention.  If wearing a mask makes you more comfortable then wear a mask.  But it is not required.  It is summer in Florida, and Covid does not like the heat.  We hope to see you in Orlando.

Jay D Mack
2021 Convention Chairman


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