Grand Old 4th Of July Parade Reminder

Shipmates, we need a good turnout for this parade.

The float will be in place along Madison Ave near High School Road at 11:15, if you would like to assist with setup. Otherwise, we need all hands in place at 1230, as the parade begins at 1300. We are in position A08, so we are near the beginning of the show.

We had seven folks for the Fathoms’ o’ Fun Parade. We need to do much, much better for this one and for Whaling days at the end of the month. This is our opportunity to be seen and to reach out to the public.

How so?

We had three potential new members approach us at Fathoms o’ Fun. Let’s get out there and show our dedication to our community AND the passion that we have for the memory of our fallen shipmates, as represented by the USS Bonefish Float.

We have plenty of riding space, and we will need flag bearers and banner carriers.

I hope to see as many of our members as possible at the Grand Old 4th Of July Parade, Tuesday, July 4th on the Island.

If you need a ride, let me know ASAP (►eMail HERE◄) so that I can start to make -arrangements.

-Dave Bowman
Base Commander




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